FEB 7 - MAR 6



Together we continue our sprint toward meaningful change.

This year we have partnered with Oogachaga and Black Rainbow two organisations that work with the aim to achieve acceptance and equality for the LGBTQIA+ communities in Singapore and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia.

Take the challenge as an individual or as a team, push your limits as we sprint towards celebrating pride and unity in our community.
Every Friday during the challenge, themed team teach classes with your fave instructors will run (everything from Gaga vs Ariana to Gay Icons remixed). All proceeds from themed classes will be donated to our charity partners.

At the end of the challenge, for all your hard work so you can party hard(er) we’ll treat you to a surprise gift.
Keep an eye on your emails for more info.

Our Partners

Event Schedule

All classes will take place in the 5.30pm Friday classes in both KX & SH..

11th Feb - Surry Hills Levi & Samir: Gay Icons

18th Feb - Kings Cross Nicole & Emily: Classic Queens
18th Feb - Surry Hills Cory & Jess: Queens of the Ages

25th Feb - Kings Cross Connor & Kath: It’s Disco Baby

4th Mar - Kings Cross Alicia & Teto: 100% Latino

4th Mar - Surry Hills Zac & Malek - Diva Fever

4th Mar - Party at Martin Place Studio!!

They’ll take place in the 5.15pm class on Fridays for the month of the challenge…

11th Feb - JK & Kaine - Ariana vs Gaga.

18th Feb - Prue & Jaime - Classic Rock Divas!

25th Feb - Kaine & Ellena - Born This Way.

4th Mar - Leo & JK - 90's Dance.

All classes will take place on Friday for the month of the challenge..

11th Feb - Raffles 7.35pm - Shana & Steph - Pride Pop!
11th Feb - Orchard Road - 7.10pm - Kim & Shannon S. - Rupaul vs Lil Nas X.

18th Feb - Raffles 7.35pm - Fury & Cassandra - Pride Power!
18th Feb - Orchard Road - 7.10pm - Hyekel & Ria - Divas!!

25th Feb - Raffles 7.35pm - JH& Jeremy - All Love Is Equal!
25th Feb - Orchard Road - 7.10pm - Lorna & Stephanie - Dua Lipa vs Lady Gaga.

4th Mar - Raffles 7.35pm - Court & Shiq - Taste The Rainbow.
4th Mar - Orchard Road - 7.10pm - Tash & Queenie - Glitter Rave Cave.


Are you ready to take your Barry's game up a level? Join our community by completing 16 classes in 28 days (4 per week), run for unity and ​equality for our LGBTQIA family and help us create meaningful change. Themed classes throughout with proceeds going to Oogachaga in Singapore and Black Rainbow in Australia. There is even a little surprise waiting for you at the end!

Of course! You can complete UWS on any class pack or membership, or purchase our UWS package online.

Nope, you can take classes in any order or frequency you like! As long as you finish the 16 classes in 28 days from Feb 7th - March 6th.

Awesome, you can contact the studio or email us at [email protected] and we will add a top up pack of 4 classes for $40 for Australian memberships. For Singapore memberships you can contact the studio or email us at [email protected] and we will add a top up pack of 4 classes for $60.