1998: LA based celebrity trainer, Barry Jay has the idea for a one-stop cardio and strength-training workout held in an immersive atmosphere. Barry Jay partners with John and Rachel Mumford to open the first Barry’s Bootcamp in West Hollywood. It was the launch of the boutique fitness studio revolution, and the origins of the cult of Barry’s.


2009: Barry’s expands outside of Los Angeles for the first time, opening studios in San Diego.


2011: Barry’s opens studios in New York and launches the first of Barry’s signature Fuel Bars.


2011-2015: Barry’s goes international! Studios open across the world in Norway, London, Boston, Miami, Nashville, and San Francisco. Expansion continues across New York and the Hamptons. Barry’s retail collections expand across studios, online and launch into Bloomingdale’s.


2016: Over 40,000 clients of the Barry’s community take classes every week. Including celebrity clients; Ellie Goulding, Mandy Moore, David Beckham, Harry Styles and Isla Fisher.


2017-2018: Over 65,000 clients visit Barry’s Studios per week and Barry’s continues to expand into several new markets including Australia.