Room for one more? At Barry’s, always.

And the more, the better. The benefits are unlimited…

There's never been a better time to build your Barry’s squad. Get ready to be rewarded for bringing your first-timer friends with you to sweat it out with our top instructors. There are no limits to the benefits you can access – in fact, the more first timers you invite, the more complimentary classes you’ll unlock! #SquadGoals…


Here’s how to get yourself a Friend with Benefits:


1. Invite a first timer friend to Barry’s, to get hot and sweaty with you in the Red Room.

2. Get them to create their account at BARRYS.COM.AU and sign up for same class as you. They can use any class pack or membership to do so!

3. When you arrive with your friend with benefits, check in at our front desk and we’ll give you both your next class complimentary… A perfect excuse for more dumbbells and debauchery!


For each first timer that takes a class with you, you will both receive a complimentary class to use your next time. The more first timers the more complimentary classes you’ll receive. You’re welcome.  

Anyone who hasn’t been to a Barry’s Australia class (or Singapore) before.

Your complimentary classes will be applied to your account. You can use this credit when making class purchases online, or in-studio. 

Within 48 hours after your class with your Friend with Benefits. 

When you arrive to class with your first timer, check-in together at front desk and our team will verify it is their first time. We will then add a class to both of your accounts to use next time!  

No, you can bring them to any class within the 3 weeks of August 28 – September 17.  

You will have 30 days to redeem your complimentary class. Don’t wait on it. 

Unfortunately not, the first timer will need to be present with you for the same class.